Presentation of Our Mission

Feelings of solidarity, humanity and global responsibility are driving the formulation and realization of developmental and aid programs all over the world.

Taking into account an endless number of circumstances, project organizers put together developmental and aid programs which attempt to satisfy the enormous amounts of genuine needs and requirements. Project organizers set goals, provide the project’s content, set deadlines, procure financial support, supply the personnel needed to carry out the project and supervise all aspects of the project’s development and execution. At the end of the project, they also have the obligation to render accounts to the project’s financial backers.

The aim of the Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation is to provide the personnel needed to carry out developmental and aid projects undertaken by Hungarian or international organizations. To successfully complete their projects, which are not devoid of risks, the executive organizations need well-trained people who can make decisions in complicated circumstances, have excellent problem-solving and communicational skills, and who through their work can be considered worthy representatives of our country.

Numerous studies done in the West over several decades have shown that volunteers are the people best-suited to stand their ground in these situations. All the experts agree that to carry out tasks like these, more is needed than just money. volunteers, because of their personal, charity-centered values, regularly take on such months-long challenges even at their own expense and often in harrowing circumstances.

The purpose of the Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation is to foster a relationship with organizations specialized in carrying out developmental and aid projects and to find the right volunteer or professional for the job, based on the needs and requests forwarded to us. After gaining knowledge of the concrete concerns and circumstances of the project, we also prepare the volunteers or professionals for the specific on-site tasks they will be carrying out. The foundation also provides the infrastructure needed to carry out the tasks: transportation, insurance, food and lodging, health coverage and communications. It also offers support and oversees the volunteer’s or professional’s work and, upon their return home, helps them readapt to theirnormal environment.

Our objective is to contribute to the success of the whole project by ensuring the effective personal contributions ofthe volunteers and professionals.

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Name: Magyar Önkéntesküldő Alapítvány / Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation PIC: 944078788 EVS accreditation number: 2017-1-HU01-KA110-038849 Address: 1114 Budapest, Szabolcska Mihály utca 7., Hungary Type of organization: foundation Is the organization…