“In Cambodia as well as in Europe, communication is essential.” – Önkéntesünk második élménybeszámolója Kambodzsából

Marianne is one of our 7 volunteers deployed to Cambodia in the frames of the ‘EU Aid Volunteers’ programme. 

“It is not because things are difficult that we don’t dare, it’s because we don’t dare that things are difficult” – Sénèque

“My mission is to help improve everyone’s commitment and engagement in a 25 years old organization. For that, I needed to build trust. Not only in me, but also between employees and management team. Without building trust, nothing can change.

The first stage was to set up an anonymous survey about well-being at work. Why? Because engagement is related to well-being at work.

The second stage was to deliver the result of this survey to all staff during Focus Group meetings and to collect their feed-back. In order to build the trust, I relied on an interpreter capable of translating the exchanges without betraying the ideas.

I was surprised in a good way by the number of people daring to share ideas to improve well-being and engagement. I decided to set up a Think Tank group open to staff who were willing to participate. It was open only to staff, and closed to Managers on purpose. In Cambodia, hierarchy and respect to older people are so important that it is difficult for simple staff to dare to propose new ideas, and even less to question managerial practices.

At the dawn of the third stage of my mission, I observed the brakes that some managers are operating, conscientiously or unconsciously.

How? For example by not allowing employees to spend time at the first meeting, saying they are already too busy with their jobs. I know these brakes, I have been an HR consultant for 20 years. They take root in the fear of change.  So I had to remind the management team that my mission is to improve, not to punish what is wrong. “We must rely on the positive employees”, those who have ideas. I had to explain to the managers that putting the human at the heart of the debate does not mean questioning the process.  On the contrary, accepting to give the floor to the employees is the beginning of the change and Engagement begins there.

Observation and Communication are the keys in this kind of process. Nobody should be forgotten, from the employee to the management and the staff representative to make the conditions of success, details can be found here Check out paydayloanssquare.co.uk.

Finally, in Cambodia as well as in Europe, communication is essential.

So, I will communicate soon about the next step, Think Tank workshop”


Marianne MORALES

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