Helyzetjelentés Kambodzsából

Lassan egy hónapja érkeztek meg Kambodzsába európai önkénteseink köztük két magyarral, akik az Eu Aid Volunteers kezdeményezés keretein belül a Phare Ponlau Selpak szervezetnél töltenek egy évet Battambang városában. 

Már el is kezdték a munkát a helyiekkel, első élményeikről szóló cikkből egy részlet:

Tamás György is Hungarian. Tomi supports the Education Department as an Education Management Specialist. He works on a new project of introducing skill building classes to the curriculum, eg. English, Maths, Computer skills, Life skills. Also, Tomi will work on the feedback and assessment system, developing and introducing educational policies, and he also does a research on the possible introduction of an education/learning management system.

“So far my time in Battambang has been magical. The hospitality, patience and gentle politeness of the Cambodians are really inspiring for me, and the artwork made by the students and the circus performance literally made my jaw drop! I will do my best to help Phare as much as I can, and I promise to learn some Khmer soon, to be able to say more than Thanks a lot, How are you? And I love lizards and pangolins!”

Eva Tamara Kiss is also Hungarian. Eva works in the Development and Communication Department as Development and Communications Manager. She is responsible for event management, marketing and communications strategies, plans, and daily tasks; also strongly supports and supervises the income generating and fundraising activities. Eva works closely with the whole team.

“Cambodia is a surprisingly marvelous place in my eyes. The kindness I have experienced so far is amazing. Everyone I met and worked with are extremely helpful. Everyone helps everyone. My colleagues at PPS are even nicer if it is possible at all. And the atmosphere that is created on campus, with the smiles and laughters of hundreds of children every day makes me feel in Paradise.”

A teljes bejegyzést a többi önkéntes első tapasztalatairól a kambodzsai fogadó szervezet honlapján lévő eredeti bejegyzésben olvashatjátok.



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