Democracy seeds – beszámoló Görögországból

Októberben 3 fős csapatunk Görögországban járt a “Democrarcy seeds for youth to raise” című tréningen.
Egyik résztvevőnk rövid beszámolója a képzésről:
“So I started my journey on a nice, sunny day from Hungary and met 2 new friends in the
airport to continue our journey together to Athens. We had a safe trip and finally we arrived to
our camping place where I shared a nice and small room with two other girls. The first
activity happened on the seaside with a game of getting know each other. This day was ended
with an international evening with many excellent country and food presentations. Next as we
have already known each other we planted a tree as a symbol of our project. Later we started
our work of democracy with photos, discussions and presentations. In the middle of the
project we spent a beautiful day in Athens and truly enjoyed the Greek summer. Later we
continued our democracy project with poster-making and workshops until the last day. The
last day was the day of evaluation and time to say goodbye with an evening party. In
summary, it was a great project with many open and positive people. I really enjoyed the
work together, plus i brought home beautiful memories which hopefully last forever.”


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